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An underfloor heating system is the ultimate in home heating; if you want to evenly and completely warm your home then the place to start is in the floor.

Warm water flows through a series of pipes laid under the floor, meaning that the house is heated evenly from the floor up. While most traditional heating methods waste a significant amount of energy through heat pooling at the ceiling, the optimal positioning of the underfloor heating system means that minimal heat is wasted. The radiant heat is evenly distributed throughout the entire floor area effectively turning your floor space into one giant heater.

Underfloor heating is energy efficient. Once you have warmed the house to the desired temperature the heating system finds it easy to maintain that temperature with very little use of energy. You will be surprised at how much heating from the floor up makes a difference to your home comfort and your heating bill.

Hydronic underfloor heating is also recommended as the healthiest way to heat your home as there is no forced air circulation to blow hot air (and dust and other allergens) around. As well as being asthma and allergy friendly, underfloor heating is also the perfect option for the elderly or for those with children or pets as there are no elements or naked flames.

This system is naturally easier to install when your house is being built. Call us today to discuss your underfloor heating options and let us find the heating system that best suits your needs.


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