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“Two grand ladies”

We have recently had the pleasure of giving a new lease of life to two beautiful, grand old houses. These houses had lovely large rooms with beautiful high ceilings but were damp and cold during the winter and regular heaters were proving to be totally ineffective. After speaking to the homeowners we concluded the houses were in desperate need of a heating system that would effectively provide warmth and banish the cold, damp feel of the house. However, it was also important that the installation reflected the grand nature of these homes.

The radiators installed by Lifestyle Heating achieved both those aims. The radiators are not only in keeping with the style and grandeur of the houses but they have dramatically improved the livability of the family homes. Both owners are thrilled with the results and their families are very happy with their lovely warm rooms, one daughter remarking “my bedroom used to be the coldest room in the whole house and now it’s fine!”

Due to the different requirements of the families and the houses, one house is heated via a wood burner and the other is heated by a gas boiler, proving yet again that one style does not fit all. This is why we offer a personalised heating system, customised to meet your lifestyle needs.

More satisfied customers:

Hi Julie, I have a lovely warm home! The four radiators in lounge and bedrooms are plenty and heating the halls no trouble. It's been too hot so I'll have to reduce the temperature from Steves preset at 22 but it's sheer luxury; I'm thrilled. Barely any condensation worries so doubt I'll be needing double glazing (@$30,000) or needing to line the exterior walls either so it's been a very cost effective step for me. I'm so pleased. ”

Have a great weekend, Cushla

“Fired up the system last Friday, really impressed. The best part of the whole house plan”

I installed DIY underfloor kitset

“We are totally happy with the system Lifestyle Heating have installed in our home on Pumpkin Hill, Tairua. Steve and Julie are very sincere, empathetic people and easy to deal with - Paula and myself have no hesitation recommending Lifestyle Heating to anyone who wants the best heating and the people’s people”

Don & Paula

“The guys at Lifestyle Heating were great to work with. The DIY kitset is really simple to install with a very good set of instructions. They listened to our requirements and plans and gave us a great looking system. Thanks”


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