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How hard is it to install??

If you’re a practical hand-on person, with attention to detail, you will be capable of installing our kitset

The kit is customised to your requirements and comes with complete instructions

Note it is a D.I.Y. kit we guarantee the equipment supplied but not the installation or installer

What is involved?

A heated floor system works by pumping warm water through a series of pipes under the floor. The water is heated by a boiler unit, which maybe gas, wood, diesel or heat pump. The floor area is divided into zones or circuits. The exact plan of this is calculated according to the Canadian IPEX computer model used in all LSH designs.

The underfloor kitset includes all the information and instructions to install a full inslab piping system as though LSH was installing it for you. We want you to be fully confident of the method of assembly and your ability to install. We also recommend that our designing engineer is available by phone on the day of installation to answer any questions you may have.

How does heated flooring work?

Heat rises. If you want to evenly and completely warm your home, then the place to start is in the floor. Most people do not know this, but the concrete floor of your home has tremendous thermal inertia. That means that hold heat exceptionally well. Once you get up to a proper temperature, it will keep glowing and warming everything to touch. Your entire home will be more comfortable and friendly with a heated floor. You will not experience the dryness and uneven heating that comes with central air systems.

This is very efficient. Once you have the house warm the heating system finds it easy to maintain the temperature with little use of energy. The excellent positioning of the underfoot system means that no heat is wasted. Leaks and open windows are of much less consequence when the house itself is warm.

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