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Lifestyle Heating can design and install central heating system for your town or country home to suit your lifestyle. Using hydronic heating, heated water pumped through underfloor pipes or to radiators we can transform a house into a cosy home. We can provide inslab heating, underfloor heating or radiator heating depending on your homes construction. By understanding your home and lifestyle we can recommend the best heat source for you

Lifestyle Heating is a family run business with extensive experience in the design and installation of underfloor heating systems. At Lifestyle Heating we are aware that every customer and every home presents a unique range of possibilities and therefore requires a unique heating solution. Our designer will combine your preferences with our technical expertise to customise and design the best system to suit your house and your lifestyle.

At Lifestyle Heating we have a total commitment to quality and only use the best products and materials. As we design, sell and install the system ourselves there is no need for third party installers and you can trust and rely on us to communicate with you every step of the way.
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Take the first step to improving your quality of life and CONTACT US today for a free quote and to discuss your options with our experienced system designer. Let us help you create a house you will love coming home to and see for yourself why hydronic heating has become the most popular choice for home heating in the UK, Europe and two thirds of the world.


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